Post-Op Services

A Better Way of Post-Op Travels


 Find the best lodging experience for your stay! We’ll ask you a list of questions to get a better idea of what you're looking for and direct you to the best accommodations based on your preferences! This plays a major role in creating the atmosphere that is going to be essential to your recovery. 

Entering Hotel Room

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Private chef

Enjoy quality, nutrient rich foods that aid in healing. Feed your body and soul to help with the post op blues, inflammation, and more. Whether it's an in-home meal prep service or choosing a private chef experience, Sx Kitchen delivers food that tastes good and is good for you! 


Our clients only receive the best that the post-op industry has to offer. We believe that you all should be treated like royalty. Get chauffeured in a vehicle fit for your post surgical needs. Our partners are qualified and ready to assist. 

Accessible Car
Pouring Massage Oil

Lymphatic Massages

We partner with therapist in lymphatic drainage, with the licensed training and academic knowledge needed to obtain the benefits of stimulating this system and obtain the desired appearance after cosmetic surgery.  


 Enjoy a peace of mind knowing you have a licensed & qualified nurse for assitance with pain management, monitoring of vitals, bathing, proper wound care and much more. Our preferred private nurses, and HHAs are experienced, professional, and passionate in post-op care. Your safety is always the priority!

Home Nurse Making Bed