Why us?

Book with Confidence

Let's face it... the post op community is the perfect target for scam culture and puts you at risk! This is no surprise as many victims warn us about their experiences. As your professional post-op travel advisors, we will ensure your stay is safe, comfortable, & exactly how you want it! With the help of our experience in the post-op industry, we work with you to create your ideal recovery stay!

Importance of Planning

Planning proper post op accommodations is time consuming and misleading when you do not have the proper guidance. Make no mistake, Miami, FL is the #1 destination for BBLs and post op services are now heavily regulated by the Health Department & unfortunately the legality behind such services are intrinsic and invisible to medical tourists. With this in mind, we remain steadfast in our vision to make proper recovery planning a breeze. From choosing suitable flights, to recognizing your recovery needs. We guarantee that our clients will leave Miami feeling safe & satisfied.

Post Op Recovery is not a "one size fits all"... We specialize in coordinating the most exclusive recovery experiences for your post-surgical needs. 

In order to ensure safe and quality service, we only work with licensed professional care providers,  BNBs,  Hotels, transportation, massages, private chefs, and much more!

It is proven that watching Youtube Videos will have you thinking you can recovery all by yourself...This is far from the truth.

There a several factors that will play a vital role in determining the level of care that you will need. With our internal network of nursing professionals we will guide you towards the perfect amount of care needed.

We did the hard part.  Our lodging partners have agreed to open their doors to our post op guests. Through extensive collaboration, our accommodations come with bedding protection, post op-friendly furniture, and other thoughtful touches so you can recovery with a peace of mind.