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A New Way of Post-Op Travels

We did the hard part.  Our lodging partners have agreed to open their doors to our post op guests. Through extensive collaboration, our accommodations come with bedding protection, Biowaste containers, post op-friendly furniture and other thoughtful touches so you can recovery with a peace of mind.


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 "The Gold Standard For Premium Surgery Recovery Care..."

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Recover in Peace...

"A phenomenal post op recovery experience!..."

Affiliate BNB Listings

Safe & Cozy


A Better Way of Post-Op Travels

Our membership is designed to handle all your recovery needs. From planning your stay,  booking your post-op accommodations, & creating a day by day itinerary. You’ll never be alone in your journey! We’re here to guide you every step of the way to ensure a successful recovery plan. 


Post -Op Coordinating Service

This service will allow you to have a personal coordinator that will book your services for you & create a step by step itinerary from the time you land in Miami until you depart back home. Get the best services on the market when you book with us as we help you find and create your ideal recovery stay. Accommodations include finding you Housing options, Food Services, Nursing Care, Transportation, Massages, & even IV therapy sessions. Everything you need for a successful recovery!

Sit back and RELAX.

We provide our guest with a hassle-free recovery experience. Allow us to focus on your recovery plan so you don't have to.


Our all-inclusive planning allows us to turn your recovery into an experience!